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ZF2 Assetic module

For my company I created my first Zend 2 module and they were kind enough to let me release it as open source software on GitHub. The ZF2 Assetic module is a Zend Framework 2 module to use Assetic (an asset management framework for PHP) in your Zend 2 application. An examples module is available as well.


  • Manage assets (of course!);
  • Keep source files with the module rather than everything in the public directory;
  • Use Assetic filters;
  • Merge assets;
  • Link assets in the <head> and <body> of a page using Zend 2 plugins;
  • Display assets as plain text instead of links;
  • Cache assets to reduce server load;
  • Force browsers to refresh their cache after an asset was updated.

Please provide me with feedback if you use this!

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